Introduction of HEXA-METAL Ltd.

HEXA-METAL Ltd. was established as an independent firm in 1991. The initial number of employees was 75 which has increased to 125 by now. The present production capacity is about 240,000 man hours per year that makes the manufacturing of 4,500 tons of steel structure possible.

Range of our activities
  • production of medium-heavy welded steel structures up to a weight limit of 1-20 tons per piece
  • milling and assembling
  • preparation of surface with grit blasting, sand blasting, ground coating and painting

Our machines
  • 4 ESAB Combirex (CNC controlled) flame cutters (one with plasma head)
  • ESAB and REHM metal active gas welding machines
  • ESAB submerged arc welding machines
  • Single piece flow grit blast
  • 2500 kN hydraulic roll frame press
  • Hydraulic guillotine shears (max. material thickness: 17 mm, max. cutting length: 3000 mm)
  • LOD 200 bending machine (max. material thickness: 15 mm, max. bending length: 3000 mm)
  • XZM 3000/25 plate rolling machine (up to 25mm in thickness and 3000 mm in width)
  • SD 63 eccentric press (630kN)
  • IM553 vertical mill (up to 2250 mm in diameter)
  • Universal boring mills (up to 1000 mm in diameter and 2500 mm in length)
  • Universal milling machines (UF-222, VF-24, MU-5)
  • Radial drilling machines (RF22, RF31b, RF50)
  • Embossing punch (max. stroke 180 mm)
  • Horizontal boring mill (O 63-70-90-130 mm)
Technical capabilities
  • Flame cutting is carried out with PB gas and Dissous gas technologies up to 250 mm plate thickness.
  • Welding methods: 135 metal active gas welding (MAG), 111 manual metal arc welding, 121 (vUP) submerged arc welding with one wire electrode.
  • We have a SLV-Duisburg "Execution and constructor’s qualification" (Klasse E) which qualifies us for the application of the above-mentioned welding methods, and the production of welded steel structures and crane girders for our domestic and foreign procurers in accordance with DIN 18800-7 and DIN 15018 standards.
  • Our welders meet the requirements of MSZ EN 287/1 qualification.
  • The production of welded steel structures is carried out in 2100, 1200, 600, and 400 m2 factory halls equipped with bridge cranes. We have a roofed 700 m2 hall with grit blaster for surface treatment together with a 400 and a 350 m2 hall for the paintwork.
  • Besides the subsidiary milling that belongs to the production of steel structures, we also produce flanges, and parts for sea going ships (engine housings, trestles, bearing housings, shafts, underwater engine housings etc.)
  • The quality assurance system we developed and run is in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 quality management method.

Our references:
  • KONECRANES Kft. (H)- cranes and runways for cranes
  • VARENCO BV. (NL) - parts of sea going ships
  • CATERPILLAR KFT. (H)- units of earthmoving machines
  • PREFABUTVECKLING AB. (S) - steel structures of buildings
  • KEVIÉP Kft. - power station, steel structure of compressor housing
  • RUUKKI TISZA ZRT. (H) - prime mover arms
  • NOSZVAI ISTVÁN (D) - beds, machine units
  • FB. BEUERMANN GmbH. (D) - welded beds
  • VARINVEST Kft. (H) - steel structure of hall
  • EIFFEL SOLLAC (F) - housing for truck crane body
  • HERRENKNECHT AG. (D) - tunnel drill
  • CPT (F) - steel structure of cement works